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Five Draw Poker (5 Card Draw)

Five Draw Poker ( 5 Card Draw )

Where to play?
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All players at the beginning of the game produced five down cards.

In 5 Card Draw Poker dealer identified chip (Dealer Button). After the conclusion of the current game chip, clockwise, moves on to the next player.

Before the start of the game in five Draw Poker (5 Card Draw) must make binding bids. The first player to the left of the dealer, put the small blind (Small Blind-SB), and the second of the dealer to put big blind (Big Blind - BB).

Limit, LP - the rates could be raised only by the limit specified limit table. For example, if a table with a limit of $ 1 / $ 2 a player can raise your bid only at $ 2 and a maximum rate per round is $ 8.
Pot-Limit, PL - may make a bid to a value of the bank. For example in the bank $ 10 and the player's bet $ 2, you can bet at $ 12
Unlimited (No-Limit, NL) - rate can be any size. Maybe put all the money (all-in).

In the five-Draw Poker (5 Card Draw) two-stage bidding process. The first stage takes place after the delivery of the cards. After an exchange of maps is the second phase of bidding.

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At the end of the first phase of bidding can be replaced from zero to five cards received in the first distribution. For the draw, click on the mouse pointer, and then click "Discard".

After completion of bidding, shows and determined the winner - the player with highest combination of five cards. In the case of several players the same combination - Bank divided equally.

Insufficient cards
In rare cases, possible lack of maps for the exchange, then used previously dropped cards.

The maximum number of players at the table - 6.

Where to play?

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